We at Eurasia Consult do not perform our activities in an ad hoc fashion. We are working within a theoretical framework developed by the founder of Eurasia Consult, Dr. Peter Peverelli. This theory is based on the understanding that reality (including the 'facts & figures' that constitute the core of most current market studies and strategic advice) is produced in social contexts. Several realities can therefore coexist related to different social contexts. We see a wmarket as composed of a number of networks of individuals, companies and other organisations. Each of such networks forms a social context by itself.

When put into practise during data collection, we try to connect all data found to the social contexts in which they were found. Whenever we analyse market information, the first step is distinguishing the various social contexts involved in the subject matter. The next step is then to establish the market perception within each context, how the various social contexts are interconnected, etc. The outcome of this step can be translated into concrete strategic advice for the customer.

We are well aware that the customers are not waiting for lengthy theoretical introduction. In our communications with the customers we try to be as straightforward as possible, only using our theoretical framework as a working tool. However, our experience is that customers are usually interested in learning the basic aspects of our theory, which they find a refreshing change from the bulk of market studies and strategic advice for China business as presently offered on the market.

We would like to end by summarising the ingredients of our success:

  • unique specialisation in the Chinese food and beverage ingredients market;
  • practical experience in this market since 1985;
  • synergy between theory and practice.