Market research

Continuous data collection

We continuously screen information from a wide range of sources like periodicals, Internet sites, including and especially those published in Chinese. Moreover, during our frequent visits to China, we collect first hand information from Chinese companies, government organisations, research institutes, representations of international organisations, etc. All this information is stored in a series of databases. Finally, we make an effort to constantly obtain the latest versions of industrial yearbooks, industrial indexes, dictionaries, etc. We dare to claim that these databases and other reference materials probably constitute the most up-to-date information system on the Chinese food and beverage industry in Europe.

Desk studies

We believe that any business activity should be based on sound research. The first step in understanding the business environment is analysing existing data through a desk study. Because of the extensive information stored in our databases and other reference material, desk studies performed by Eurasia Consult usually generate better insight in the customer's questions than research by most others offering similar services. In many cases our desk studies even produce better insight than field research performed by others. This is partly due to our research methods, which will be introduced below.

Field studies

In case a desk study does not answer all questions, field research can be performed to collect primary information in China. Expenses are always a decisive factor in deciding to initiate such research. The depth of our desk studies enables us to design more precise research programs and shorten the time needed for their execution. Field research is usually performed by Eurasia Consult, if necessary with the aid of our network of relations in China. For large scale field research, we can use a Chinese partner organisation. However, also in case the actual research is performed by our Chinese partner, Eurasia Consult will always design the research, supervise the entire process and analyse the data. Eurasia Consult will then add strategic advice, which will not be shared with the Chinese partner in order to protect the customer's interests.