Local production

Some companies may decide that the best market entry strategy for China is to set up local production. Such a decision invokes a number of problems.

Type of operation

Is cooperating with a local partner the best option, or a wholly owned venture? If the latter is preferred, is it possible to buy an existing Chinese company or set up an entirely new plant?

Partner selection

If cooperation with a local partner is selected as the best way to set up shop in China, the next problem is selecting a partner. Eurasia Consult can use the same information base and methods for partner selection as those used for the selection of local agents.

Feasibility study

Eurasia Consult can assist the customer in performing the feasibility study necessary for the approval of the project by the Chinese authorities and perhaps for obtaining bank loans or attracting other financiers. Aspects involved here are: availability of natural resources, availability of competent local employees, presence of a local customer base, sympathetic local government, etc.